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We pride ourselves on being a small and friendly Practice. We aim to give you the best possible standard of care.

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IMPORTANT: For the foreseeable future, during the potential outbreak of Coronavirus, the facility for booking an appointment online has been withdrawn.

This is to protect both Patients and staff. The Practice appreciates your co-operation in this matter.

Please remember that your prescription will be ready 2 working days after the order being received during working hours. For example, an order placed on a Friday evening would be received at the surgery the following Monday morning and would be ready on Wednesday, or on Thursday if the Monday is a bank holiday.

Online Appointments & Prescriptions

Online booking of appointments and ordering of repeat prescriptions

Obtaining a user name and password

In order to use our online services you must be 16 years old or over. You first need to come in person to the surgery and produce some form of photo ID. The photo ID could be

  • A driving licence
  • A passport
  • A bus pass
  • A student union card
  • A membership of a sports club

A user name and password will only be issued to a patient registered at the surgery who can produce their own ID. This is a legal requirement to protect the confidentiality of each patient’s information. Unfortunately we cannot issue a user name and password to a family member or friend of a patient.

The receptionist will give you a printout of your user name and password and this will become active within 24 hours of it being generated. When you have these details, click on the link below and log into SystmOnline.

Login to SystmOnline

Please be aware that if you allow another person to know your password, they will have access to your information about past appointments and current medication. We do not advise any patients to disclose their password.

When you log in for the first time it is advisable to change your password to something that is more memorable to you. Your new password must contain letters, at least one number and at least one punctuation symbol. It would also be very helpful if you would click on Change Contact Details and enter your email address and mobile phone number, along with any other information that may have changed recently.

Booking an appointment

If you click on Book Appointment you will see the appointments available for booking up to one week in advance. Appointments are made available at 10.00 am each day for up to a week ahead. There are also some appointments released at 8.30 am for the same day. You may only book one online appointment at a time so if you require more than one please ring the surgery in the normal way.

When you have selected and booked your appointment you will have the option to print out a booking confirmation if you wish. You can also check that your appointment is booked by clicking on View Future Appointments.

Ordering a repeat prescription

Click on Current Prescriptions and you will see a list of any medications that are set up as repeat prescriptions. Prescription medicine is always reviewed after a certain number of issues. This is usually done annually in the month of your birthday and may require you to attend the surgery for a blood test, urine test, blood pressure check or you may need to see your usual GP. If there are any reasons to attend surgery before your next prescription is issued there will be a clear message printed on the white paper attached to your prescription.

If your repeat medication has not been reauthorized for any reason, you will not be able to order it online. For all other medications, just click in the box next to the medication you require and press submit. Your prescription will be ready for collection 2 days after being received at the practice within working hours.

When you have finished ordering your prescription or booking your appointment, please make sure you click on the word Logout in the top right hand corner or on the home page. If you close the programme without logging out there is a possibility that somebody else could access your information from the same computer.

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About College Street Medical Practice

We pride ourselves on being a small and friendly Practice. We aim to give you the best possible standard of care.

Your treatment will be given after discussion and consent by yourself by the most appropriately qualified member of the team. It is important that you understand all the information offered to you, so if in doubt, please ask.

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