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We pride ourselves on being a small and friendly Practice. We aim to give you the best possible standard of care.

Sharing Your GP Record

What is a GP record

Your GP record contains medical information recorded by health workers who are involved in your care. The information could include letters from the hospital, information about your visits, test results, medication, diagnosis of allergies. In fact its anything that could help a health professional who is treating you outside your GP Practice provide you with the correct care

Sharing your GP record could save your life

Making your record available means that care professionals will have your most up to date information. This means that you won’t have unnecessary tests, have to repeat information or be given drugs that you may be allergic to. Everyone should make their records available in case they need to be seen in an emergency. If you have certain health conditions, illnesses or have to go to hospital a lot then you should definitely make your record available.

Making your GP record available is completely different from the national sharing schemes such as the Summary Care Record (SCR) and Care data.

Don’t I already share my record?

Many people think their GP record is available to all healthcare professional involved in their care. At the moment, each professional you see keeps a separate record. This can mean some important information is not communicated between health services as well as it could be.

 Making your GP record available.

To improve care your GP information will be made securely available to other professional involved in your care.. This is called explicit consent. You may be asked if you are happy to share your record. This is called explicit consent.

Giving permission to view your record

When you see another care professional like a community nurse or hospital doctor they will still ask for your permission to view your GP record. You can decline if you so wish.

If you are unconscious for example in an emergency situation a health professional may access your record without your permission if it is deemed in your best interest to provide care

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We pride ourselves on being a small and friendly Practice. We aim to give you the best possible standard of care.

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